Understanding Lemon Laws

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Your state’s lemon laws protect you from dangerously defective cars. If you have ever had a problem getting your vehicle’s warranty serviced, lemon laws may protect you. Contact a lemon attorney to see what steps you have to make things right, and keep reading this blog to learn more about lemon laws.

The Definition

Lemon law is defined as a motor vehicle warranty statute. A lemon law protects you when you buy or lease a car, pickup truck, or van that is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty. Lemon laws are not intended to eliminate all of the problems you have with the vehicle. It does require the manufacturer to honor the time and mileage provisions of their written warranties. Your state attorney general can direct you to state-specific lemon law titles.

Duty to Repair

Lemon laws require either the manufacturer or its authorized dealer to repair a motor vehicle according to the terms of its warranty if the motor vehicle has a defect or problem covered by the warranty. The problem must have been reported by the vehicle’s owner within the warranty period or within two years of original delivery, whichever comes first.

Duty to Refund or Replace

If a car has a substantial defect or problem, the manufacturer may have a duty to refund or replace the vehicle. In most states, the lemon law requires the problem to meet at least one of three thresholds: First, if the problem is safety-related and persists after one repair attempt. Second, if the problem is not safety-related but isn’t fixed after three (four in some states) attempts. Third, when the vehicle affected has been out of service for 30 or more cumulative days, sometimes business days, within 365 days for one warranty-related problem. This may include a warranty replacement of the entire car. Make sure you understand your lemon law rights under the law in your state.

Get a Lemon Attorney

When you have made a lemon law claim, you have the option of forgoing arbitration and suing the company over the lemon. This is a last resort, however, so finding a lemon attorney who specializes in the lemon law of your state and making sure that the law applies to your situation is crucial.

You deserve a vehicle that suits your needs and helps you get the things done that you need. If your car is defective, contact a lemon attorney today. Ginsburg Law Group is here to help!