How to Prepare for Your Lemon Lawyer Appointment

If you get stuck with a lemon vehicle and have a lemon lawyer appointment, you want to be sure that you are ready for your appointment. Since 1975, The Center of Auto Safety has been tracking the number of auto lemons sold, according to Motor Trend. It’s a fairly common issue, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have recourse. Your lemon lawyer appointment is your first step in getting justice. Following these steps can help you go into your appointment more prepared.

Get Your Documents in Order

You must turn over copies of all the documentation regarding the sale of the vehicle and any repairs done at your first lemon lawyer appointment. The lawyer will review your documentation to develop a strategy to support your claim of a lemon law violation. You can use texts and emails to support your claim, as well as any bills, receipts, or snail mail communications you may have. It’s essential that you can provide every piece of information you have about the claim in order to best support it.

Create a Log of Events

Before your appointment, sit down and create a log of events. Include pertinent information, such as the date you bought the vehicle, what the salesperson told you about the vehicle, how many times you called the dealer, and whether there were any attempted repairs. Writing down the historical information about your case will save you time at your appointment and provide the lawyer with an easy-to-understand history. There is no need to do a full narrative of the case; you only need to write down bullet points. As the lawyer looks through the bullet points, they can ask if they need you to expand on them.

Write Down Your Questions

You likely have many questions that you want to ask the lawyer. The best way to ensure you do not forget any questions is to write them down before your appointment and bring them with you. If you write down the questions as they come to you, you can get all the answers you need at one time. It will save you time.

Preparing for your lemon lawyer appointment will ensure your case gets off to a good start and the lawyer has all the necessary information. If you have a lemon car and are looking to take legal action, contact us at Ginsburg Law Group today.