5 Signs You Need a Lemon Lawyer

A car is a big investment, when we spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle we expect that it is going to work and work well for years to come. No one expects that the car they just bought is going to top running or be defective in any way. There are laws in place, however, that protects the buyer from vehicles that are sold that end up being defective. If you think you may need a lemon lawyer, keep reading to find out.

Your Vehicle Stops Running Not Long After you Purchase it

This is one of the first signs that there may be something wrong. If a vehicle stops running altogether right after you purchase it, there is a good chance it will fall under the lemon law. If your car stops running, you should take it back to the place where you bought it to get it repaired.

You Start having Problems Not Long After You Purchase it

This does not mean that your vehicle has to stop running altogether, but if you start having issues that are clearly outside of the scope of what would be expected, you may be covered. The lemon law is put in place to help cover those vehicles that are defective and that the seller knew were defective when they sold them. If you start having problems early on, it may be time to hire a lemon lawyer.

Your Car is Still Under Warranty

If you find that you have a vehicle that is still under warranty, you are likely going to be able to get your money back or get a replacement. According to The Margarian Law Firm, law firms are able to get money back with a 90% success rate for those difficult cases. If you feel that you are dealing with a vehicle that does need to be replaced, you can use your warranty to help.

The Seller is Being Uncooperative of There are Major Unresolvable Issues

If you are having trouble with the seller getting your money back or getting a replacement, you may need an attorney. If you have a car that is clearly not functioning and that does fall under the lemon law and the seller or dealership is not working with you or there are major issues, a lemon lawyer can certainly help you either get a replacement car or get your money back.